Frequently Asked Questions

What is the youngest age accepted for the residency?

The youngest age for participating is 17; the oldest is 25. The youngest participants must have reached their 17th birthday no later than June 11, 2017 and have the approval/consent of a parent of guardian to participate; the oldest participants cannot be older than 25 before June 30, 2017.

Do I have to participate in all residency activities or can I pick and choose what activities I want to attend?

Attendance is required at all Residency sessions and activities for the entirety of the program.  By accepting the invitation to the residency, the participant is expected to be fully immersed in all aspects of the residency program and to attend all sessions, concerts and other events.

Does it cost anything to participate?

There is no application fee or tuition. All invited participants receive free housing (14 nights) and a per diem for meals. Travel to and from Wilmington, Delaware is the responsibility of the residency participants.

Is there adult supervision for Jazz Residency Resident participants under 18?

There is one housing counselor for every 12-15 resident students.

Can students study more than one instrument at the residency?

Students must pick a primary instrument, which is the instrument they will use for their placement auditions on the first day of Jazz Residency. This is the instrument they will play in their ensemble.

Where is Wilmington, Delaware located?

Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city and is located mid-way between New York City and Washington, DC and 30 miles southeast of Philadelphia, PA. Wilmington is easily accessed by air, train (Amtrak), multi-state bus carriers, and car. The closest airport is the Philadelphia International Airport, a 25-minute car ride to and from Wilmington.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes. Washers and dryers are located in the residency housing. Students must provide their own laundry supplies.

Where will attendees be housed?

Residency participants will be housed in the Delaware College are of Art and Design dorms located on the same block as The Queen Theater.

Will we be assigned roommates?

You will be assigned one or more roommates.  Rooms will be single-sex.

Will there be supervision in the dorms?

We will have a Resident Adviser on-duty in the dorms.