Perrin Grace, 2015

“This residency gave me some serious connections.  Aaron Goldberg, a Jazz hero of mine, was teaching a master class one day.  We played a bit, exchanged info and now I have the privilege of meeting him to play sessions.”
“The Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency provided me with a thorough 2 weeks of top notch Jazz education and it put me into a situation where I could easily work together with like minded people.  Those two weeks were full of opportunities to strengthen music making as my career.”

Dominic Palombi, 2015

“Last year’s residency not only opened up my eyes to new music, but to new experiences. Getting outside of my comfort zone and to meet new musicians over the course of two weeks is not only great, but to share the experiences and knowledge of music make this a very special and unique opportunity. It also has influenced me to continue my writing, playing and strive to become a more inspired, diligent, and disciplined musician.”

Oliver Glynn, 2015

“It was an eye opening experience. Getting to see and play with so many talented musicians in such a concentrated amount of time refreshed me on a lot of what I love about music. My piano playing has changed because of the program but also my perspective on music, listening, and what I wish to pursue after undergrad was affected.”

Clifford Morin, 2015

“This residency is a life changing experience. The positive vibes, passion, talent, and love for the music are by far the most valuable experience. This is not just a residency, it is a musical family. Everyone, from residents, teachers, and guest speakers are there with positive attitudes and there for the music and to help you. It was amazing to be around musicians that are just as in love with Jazz as you are. From talking and sharing idea’s, to staying up until 3am jamming on standards. The experience not only rejuvenated my musical journey but revamped my writing and goals as a musician. It was also inspirational to have your music personally looked at and critiqued by some of the greatest jazz artists and musicians in the world. This Jazz residency is a major step in supporting modern Jazz/music and will produce artist’s that will change the face of music to come. Many thanks to everyone that puts this residency together.”

Amrom Svay, 2015

“In the music playing aspect it made me think in a different light on how to make the music happen and forced me to used untapped reserves that I had not seen in myself in quite along time and has permeated the music that I normally play. A key shift in mindset about making the music happen occurred to me at this program last summer.”

Kevin Matthews, 2015

“I would say that the experience really helped me take a critical look at my playing and gave me a ton to take home and work on. I met a bunch of really great people who I have stayed in touch with and seen since then. I also was able to work on interacting in a productive way with teachers and colleagues of widely varying backgrounds and skill sets.”

Santiago Sebastian Chiriboga, 2015

“BLLJR has taught me to be open to many different types of musicians and music. It has also taught me to be comfortable and open with my mistakes and have my community of musicians hold me accountable for them. Always produce creative material and play from a place of meditation.”

Julian Jayme, 2015

“It was fantastic working with so many amazing instructors and receiving so many amazing masterclasses. After the residency, I felt even more inspired to write than I had previously. The advice I got from each of the instructors was priceless as well. I got some great rhythmic knowledge from both Tom Palmer and Matt Scarano, some priceless philosophical advice from the great Mike Boone and was immersed in the realm of harmony during our class with Don Glanden (even wrote a tune based on some chord changes we came up with during class). Jonathan Whitney and Tina Betz were also very supportive and definitely made us all feel like we could try things out (while also giving us great advice).”